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Rods Aquarium Care Aquarium maintenance sydney Rods Aquarium Care Aquarium maintenance sydney Rods Aquarium Care Aquarium maintenance sydney Rods Aquarium Care Aquarium maintenance sydney

Much like a garden, aquariums need regular maintenance to fully function and look beautiful. This specialized care is what Rod's Aquarium Care offer giving you peace of mind knowing you aquarium is in good hands . We service aquariums on a scheduled basis depending on the aquarium requirements ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months between services.

Maintenance Water Testing

We start out by testing your aquarium water, we then optimise this for best results and to make sure your fish are living in a healthy environment. We also keep a log detailing water quality parameters and events for future visits.

Typical Visit

During a typical service visit, a highly trained team member from Rod's Aquarium Care will perform a;

  • Partial water change
  • Water analysis
  • Algae removal
  • Filter cleaning
  • Removal of any water or salt marks from surrounding furniture
  • Polishing outside of the tank
  • Health analysis of your livestock
  • Add necessary vitamins and trace elements.
  • Maintain a log

General Health Analysis

A general health analysis will be taken of your fish as well as recommendations for new fish to be added. If we see an unhealthy fish, we can treat and/or remove the unhealthy fish and retain them or setup a quarantine/hospital tank.


All aquariums are sourced from various manufactured best suited to your requirements. The plumbing parts that we use are all professionally tested.

Wiring is secured in a manner that's safest to your family or business


After the development process we will come to your home or business and install your new aquarium. You will then be given training on how to operate your aquarium safely and correctly.

We will also suggest livestock for your aquarium, tips in keeping your aquarium clean, and offer/organise our services for maintenance.

The best way to organise a custom built aquarium is by emailing roddd@bigpond.net.au or phone Rod on 0410 320 407 and have a chat about you needs.

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