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Rod's "Perfect Tank"

Stage 1 Out door Sump style with Refugium,

Rods Aquarium Care Aquarium Maintenance SydneyThis aquarium has been carefully considered and designed after working in the industry for these past 6 years. Stage 1 a 200ltr corner tank that was given to me, for stage 2 (next page) I arrived at a moderate size of 90 x 60 x 65 which still gave me a dominant feature in the room, Would not cost a fortune to fill, small enough to put casters on the stand (a real benefit when servicing) set low for better viewing angles on a stand with detachable doors and side for access. overflowing to a large 200 ltrs sump/refugium style filter positioned outside in a lage timber and foam cool box, with acess to RRods Aquarium Care Aquarium Maintenance SydneyO water Drain chiller, Proten skimmer, Ozone, UV if requires, PH and REDOX monitors. All the marine filter equipment is outside undercover on the cool side of the house where what little noise is produced is not bugging anyone as is often an oversoght for internal systems.

This largish marine filter - refugium is also to enable me to propergate coral and make servicing and access as easy as possible. The sump is directly plumber to drian making water changes quick and seemless to to main display tank. As it is designed so that new water goes into the sump where it can be temperature PH and salinity matched before it is turned back onto to the display tank some 20 feet away.

Stage 2


Rods Aquarium Care Aquarium Maintenance SydneyThis size tank 90 x 60x 62 allows me to use fluresent tubes as it is not too deep. saving considerable on electricity bills. Today I would be advising LED is the way to go. It also lets me use 10mm glass for more brillient viewing any taller and you need to got thicker glass and stronger lighting. I have also position the tank to get about an hour of direct sunlight which gives it that little peak period of stronger light. An additional advantage to consider with this depth is it is posible to reach the bottom of the tank making it a lot more fun to look after or play with.

You may also notice that the stand is set low to floor, this is only made possible due to out side filter arrangemant, but allow a much better viewing angle looking down on corals which is a much better view. As the stand is on wheels for service access, the lower center of gravity is also a good thing.

Rods Aquarium Care Aquarium Maintenance Sydney Rods Aquarium Care Aquarium Maintenance Sydney Rods Aquarium Care Aquarium Maintenance Sydney

Rods Aquarium Care Aquarium Maintenance Sydney

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